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How to Tweak,Repair/Write MTK IMEI in any MTK Phone with GSM Alladin

Today I'm gonna show how to fix,tweak or repair IMEI.
They're alot reasons to change,repair or fix your IMEI. Reasons like: invalid IMEI after reset or after flashing Or maybe you're just tweaking the IMEI for network purposes and offers.

Declaimer: You are doing at your own risk and in some countries changing of IMEI is illegal.


Download GSM Alladin 2.42 Crack and Loader.
And an Mediatek (MTK) Phone.

How To Repair/Fix MTK IMEI

  • Download and Launch GSM Alladin.
  • Switch to Mediatek Tab On the screen and Tick Repair IMEI.

  • Fill The IMEI you wants to repair 1&2 with Valid IMEI in the IMEI input form.
  • Tick Android and New Under the IMEI input form.

  • Now in the upper tab Click Connect and Start

Now turn off the phone and connect with USB cable. Successful?
If you got an error unmark the New under the IMEI input form and Start.

Note: If you unmark New, Then you are gonna need to install Android CDC Driver for the phone to the be detected in META Mode.

If u got a problem Drop ur Comment.

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