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How to Change MTK IMEI with Engineering Mode No PC

How to Repair Android IMEI without a PC

I once treated a topic on how to repair imei with GSM Alladin ( Windows PC)

Now this how to repair Android IMEI without PC.


How to Repair MTK Android IMEI

  • Download install and launch MobileUncle Tools and click Engineer Mode.

  • Now Click Engineer Mode (MTK)

  • On the Next page Swipe right to connectivity and click CDS Information

  • On the Next page Click Radio Information.

  • Now select the SIM you are working on and
Note: Phone 1(SIM 1 ) uses 1,7 in AT command and Phone 2 (SIM 2) uses 1,10 in AT Command

  • Now input command correctly according to the SIM selected.

SIM 1 - AT+ EGMR=1,7,"Valid IMEI"

SIM 2 - AT+ EGMR=1,10,"Valid IMEI"

While Valid IMEI is the Valid genetated 15 digit IMEI

  • And finally send AT Command.
Note: If There is space between + and EGMR to avoid AT command error in user built.

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