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How to use an MTK Secure Boot Download Agent (DA) File

You might ask Why DA File and  how its works

How to use MTK DA File in SP Flash Tool

  • Download,Extract/ Launch SP Flash Tool
  • under the download tab click Choose Download Agent

  • You can now carry on your task with SP Flash Tool and if any error occurs check DA File match with the phone

How to use MTK DA File On NCK Box

  • Download, Extract / Run NCK Box
  • navigate to settings tab, mark and select Custom loader
    • If Selected it should look like this 

    • Done Now Navigate and carry on your operations

    How Use MTK Custom DA File in Miracle Box

    • Download, Install/Run Miracle Box or Loader if Cracked
    • Under MTK tab Navigate to custom settings down tabs, mark/select your DA file

    • Select it should look like this:

    • Now Navigate back and carry out your operation

    How To use Custom DA File in CM2MTK

    • Download Install/ Run Infinty CM2MTK
    • Click the main/setting menu below to select a custom loader

    • Now  browse Select your custom loader file

    • Selected and enabled everything should look like this

    • Now navigate back and countinue with your operation

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