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How To Fix Miracle Box Start Button Not Working

You just downloaded Miracle Box or have already been using it  properly cracked version and the start button stooped working here is a fix for it.

How Fix Fix Miracle Box Start Button

Deleting Or Editing Handle.ini from installation Folder:

  • Open the installation folder, that should be on C:\Gsm_X_Team\Miracle Thunder [OFFICIAL - FREE] v 2.82    If its v2.82 cracked
  • Click and  Open the Folder Box_Data
  •  Delete or double click to Edit the file with the name Handle.ini 
  • Editing erase the line starting from the update
  • Hit Ctrl+S on the Keyboard to save your changes
Now if you've been using Miracle box and before the start button stopped then you still need to delete the handle from registry.

Delete handle From Registry:

We are going to delete handle directory from registry path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ 
  • Hit Win+R key and type in regedit to launch registry editor

  • Now double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER to expand
  • Scroll down to software and double click to expand
  • From software reg folder look for a reg folder with the name handle and delete it
  • Right Click option key and Delete
  • Delete, Close the registry editor and launch your Miracle Box 

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